Bioelectrochemical interfaces and mechanisms in science, medicine, and engineering


BES membership comprises individuals and corporate members in the following categories: regular, honorary.

Honorary Members
The title of honorary member is conferred by the Council to persons who render or have rendered outstanding services to the Society. This title bestows upon the recipient all the rights of members, without the obligation of having to pay annual fees.

BES honorary members:
Hermann Berg (Vice-President, 1979-1993)
Helmut Metzner (Vice President, 1989-1992)
Yuri A. Chizmadzhev (Giulio Milazzo Prize, 2003)
Eberhard Neumann (Giulio Milazzo Prize, 2005)
Dieter Walz (Giulio Milazzo Prize, 2007)
Rolando Guidelli (Giulio Milazzo Prize, 2009)
Emil Palecek (Giulio Milazzo Prize, 2011)
James C. Weaver (Giulio Milazzo Prize, 2013)
Philip N. Bartlett (Giulio Milazzo Prize 2015)
Frieder W. Scheller (Giulio Milazzo Prize 2017)

Bioelectrochemical Society Members

All BES activities are organized, conducted and directed by its members. Society responsibilities are distributed throughout the members on a voluntary basis.

To become an individual member, one must be sponsored by 2 members of the Society and be approved by the BES Council.

Membership fee: 40 Euros
Membership fee for students: 10 Euros

Corporate Members
Bioelectrochemical Society Corporate Members

The Bioelectrochemical Society enjoys a friendly and productive relationship with its corporate members. The Corporate Members annual fees are important means by which the Society sponsors its various award programs and schools, including the Luigi Galvani Prize and the Giulio Milazzo Prize.

Corporate Members are industrial and commercial (profit-making) organizations.
As a Corporate Member you have the following advantages:
  • You can exhibit at BES Meetings at a reduced fee, and you will be given time during one afternoon for a short presentation of your products within the main program.
  • You can make and increase contacts during BES Meetings with people from science and industry, and discuss issues such as job recruitment, co-operation in applied research, announcement of research frameworks, negotiation of research contracts etc.
  • A list with a link to the Corporate Members webpage is published on the BES web page.

Corporate Membership fee: 550 EURO

The payment includes the membership fee and potential subscriptions

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