Bioelectrochemical interfaces and mechanisms in science, medicine, and engineering

BES Council

The BES maintains an International Advisory Board as a tool to guide its activities.Members of this board are drawn from the BES membership and serve three year renewable terms. Elections to this board occur during the BES General Assembly which is traditionally held as an activity of the biannual symposium.

Current members of the Council are:

L. Gorton, President (2016-2017)
A.M. Oliveira-Brett, Past-President (2016-17)
A. Kuhn, Treasurer (2016-19)
F. Lisdat, Secretary General (2016-19)
P.N. Bartlett (2013-2017)
D. Miklavcic (2013-2017)
W. Schuhmann (2013-2017)
R. Bilewicz (2016-19)
S. Cosnier (2016-19)
E. Magner (2016-19)
P. Vadgama, Principal Editor of BES

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