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Jobs and Fellowship Positions

The Bioelectrochemistry and Interfaces Group at the University of São Paulo's São Carlos Institute of Chemistry (IQSC-USP), in Brazil, coordinated by Professor Frank Crespilho, has an excellent track record in the fabrication of bioelectrodes based on the modification and engineering of carbon materials with various biomolecules, including enzymes, co-enzymes, single cell organisms, to seek their practical applications in biodevices, biofuel cells and biosensors.

More recently, it has extended the expertise in the field towards the implementation of graphene and single entity electrochemistry. More positive outcomes are expected in the field through the elaboration of this project, where van der Waals surfaces on the top of monolayer graphene will be established. The new surface with the inherent properties will bring a new trend in the biosensing applications alongside the new ideas and concepts produced in interface science.

The group is offering a postdoctoral position, with scholarship funded by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), with a minimum period of two years, for Chemists, with strong knowledge in electrochemistry and desirable knowledge in spectroscopy, microscopy, in situ techniques, enzymatic immobilization, graphene transfer and preparation of bioelectrodes. Additionaly, the candidate is expected to develop projects with a focus on coupling the scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and electrochemical techniques.

This opportunity is open to candidates of any nationalities. The selected candidate will receive a FAPESP’s Post-Doctoral fellowship in the amount of R$ 7,373.10 monthly and a research contingency fund, equivalent to 10% of the annual value of the fellowship which should be spent in items directly related to the research activity.

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