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Sponsored Meetings 2021

European Biosensor Symposium: EBS 2021 Online
Wildau, Germany (online)
Chair: Fred Lisdat
The EBS is a series of conferences devoted to all aspects of biosensor research. Previous conferences took place 2017 in Potsdam (Germany) and 2019 in Florence (Italy). 2021 the 3rd EBS has been originally planed in Aachen as a meeting in presence, but this had to be postponed to 2022 because of the Covid 19 pandemics. The scientific committee has decided to organise an Online Symposium as a replacement in 2021 with the same scientific focus and according to the tradition of this conference series with a strong focus on young researchers.

Sponsored Meetings 2020

Due to the corona pandemy most meetings planed had to be postponed or the organisers have decided to shift to an online version. BES is supporting such activities and in 2020 these are the  following workshops and symposia:

6th Edition of International Conference on Analytical and Nanoanalytical Methods for Biomedical and Environmental Sciences
16-18 June 2020          postponed to June 2021
Brasov, Romania
Chair: Monica Florescu
The conference is designed as an international forum for effective exchange of knowledge among researchers, from all over the world, active in various theoretical and applied areas of biophysics, biochemistry, medicine, bioengineering, environmental protection and food safety. The “IC-ANMBES 2020“ will cover different aspects of (nano)analytical methods, which will be presented in the frame of two main themes:
1. Analytical and Nanoanalytical Methods for Biophysical and Biomedical Applications
2. Analytical and Nanoanalytical Methods for Environmental and Food Safety

4th International Wroclaw Scientific Meetings
9.-10.10.2020                     moved to online version
Wroclaw, Poland

Three plenary lectures will concern the application of electrochemical concepts and techniques to the fundamental or applied study of living systems. Key aspects will be: understanding and characterization of cell response to pulsed electric fields treatments (with particular emphasis on nanosecond-duration pulses and cell death mechanisms), molecular modelling in electroporation, application of the electrochemotherapy method in veterinary and usage of nanocarriers.

NanoGE2020:  Bio-hybrid approaches to solar energy conversion: the bio-material interface
19. -23.10. 2020                moved to online version
Barcelona, Spain              
Chairs: Vincent Friebe, Lars Jeuken, Jenny Zhang
The scope of the symposium is to examine the interface and mechanisms in bioelectrochemical and hybrid systems for energy conversion. Currently, biological machineries including proteins, enzymes and whole cells are being integrated with electrodes and materials for fuel and power generation. One of the key challenges in this rapidly growing field is to control the bio-material interface to enhance the complex charge/energy exchange processes which often form the bottleneck of the overall conversion process. This symposium strongly complements the main BES events since it brings together biologists, (bio)electrochemists, and biophysicists to discuss ideas for tackling this interdisciplinary challenge in bioelectrochemistry.

14th International Workshop and Postgraduate Course Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments
EBTT 2020,
November 15 – 21, 2020
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Chair: Damijan Miklavčič
The topic of electroporation is an interdisciplinary one and falls well within the scope of your society – even more: it was “discovered” within your society. Interdisciplinary nature of electroporation and of its applications is also reflected in the expertise of the lecturers, which ranges from biology, medicine, pharmacy, to physical chemistry and electrical engineering. Similarly, broad is the range of participants we expect to attend the course.

11th International Frumkin Symposium on Electrochemistry
19.-23.10.2020                  postponed to October 2021
Moscow, Russia
Chair: Aslan Yu. Tsivadze
International Frumkin Symposiums are organized each 5 years. Their scope cover the whole electrochemistry. The forthcoming meeting will be carried out as 5 sections. All sections are organized by top electrochemists of Russia and abroad.  In particular, three of these sections:
Section 1. Fundamental Aspects of Electrochemistry (including electrified interfaces),
Section 4. Bioelectrochemistry and Biomedical Applications of Electrochemistry and
Section 5. Electroanalysis (devoted to sensors and biosensors) are directly related to the electrochemical phenomena of biological and medical systems.


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