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Sponsored Meetings 2019

2nd European Biosensor Symposium (EBS 2019)
18-21 February 2019, Florence, Italy
Chairs: M. Minunni, F. Baldini

This international conference is the second in a series of European conferences, but a follower of the long lasting German Biosensor Symposia organised every two years. It covers all aspects of biosensor research with focus on technologies for innovative formats in bioanalysis, bioengineered and biomimetic recognition elements, nanotechnology, surface engineering and bioelectronics, cell biosensors and single cell based diagnostics, microfluidics, theory and mathematics and advances in applications. The symposium is intended as a platform for young scientists to exchange and build networks.

Electrochemistry for symmetry breaking in molecules, materials & processes (ECHEMS)
20-23.05.2019, Saint-Pierre d’Oléron, France
Chair: Alexander Kuhn (University Bordeaux)

This international conference is the 13th edition of a long series of conferences. It will treat various aspects of electrochemistry, including also bioelectrochemical aspects for which the break of symmetry is an important ingredient like for example in biofuel cells or biophotovoltaics. This is among others exemplified by one of the invited lectures given by Jenny Zhang (Cambridge) about semi-artificial photosynthesis.

9th International Workshop on Surface Modification for Chemical and Biochemical Sensing - SMCBS'2019
8-12 November 2019, Zelechów Palace Hotel,
Marszalka J. Pilsudskiego 36, 08-430 Zelechów, Poland
Chair: Wlodzimierz Kutner (

The workshop will mainly focus on the art of chemical and biochemical modifications (including polymer coatings) of solid transducer surfaces for selective sensing, novel methods of surface films examination as well as mass and charge transport in these films. The workshop is dedicated to young researchers. Tutorial lectures of renowned senior scientists, keynote lectures of top scientists in the field, and broad discussion will allow these researchers to improve their knowledge on fundamentals and applications of sensors and sensing.

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