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The Giulio Milazzo, Luigi Galvani and Poster Prizes of BES are awarded by BES every two years at the BES-Symposium.

Giulio Milazzo Prize
The Giulio Milazzo Prize honours the memory of Prof. Giulio Milazzo, the founder and first president of BES, and is awarded to distinguished members of the Society.

Giulio Milazzo Prize winners:
Yuri .A. Chizmadzhev (2003)
Eberhard Neumann (2005)
Dieter Walz (2007)
Rolando Guidelli (2009)
Emil Palecek (2011)
James Weaver (2013)
Philip N. Bartlett (2015)
Frieder W. Scheller (2017)
Wolfgang Schuhmann (2019)
Lluis M. Mir (2021)

Rules for the Giulio Milazzo Prize

Luigi Galvani Prize
The Luigi Galvani Prize is awarded to a scientist who has made an important contribution to the field of bioelectrochemistry.

Luigi Galvani Prize winners:
Daniela Pietrobon (1985)
R. Dean Astumian (1987)
C. Michael Drain (1989)
Marie-Pierre Rols (1993)
Uwe Pliquett (1994)
Lei Zhang (1996)
Michael H. Lehmann (1998)
Tadej Kotnik (2001)
Nicolas Mano (2003)
Mojca Pavlin (2007)
Alexandru Babes (2009)
Stephane Arbault (2011)
Christoph Leger (2013)
Shelley Minteer (2015)
Sergey Shleev (2017)
Nicolas Plumere (2019)
Francesco Ricci (2021)

Rules for the Luigi Galvani Prize

Poster Prizes
The Poster Prizes of BES are awarded every two years at the BES-Symposium to 2-4 posters that present important results in the field of bioelectrochemistry.

Rules for the Poster Prizes of BES

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