Bioelectrochemical Society

Prize committees 2024

The committees which are evaluating the nominations or applications for the three prizes of BES are composed of scientists from different areas. Proposals are made by the Executive Committee and finally the Council decides on the members. The President of BES is always chairing these committees according to the Statutes. A person who is supporting any nomination or application cannot be a member of the committee.

For 2024 we had the following scientists from different fields in bioelectrochemistry:

a) Milazzo Prize Committee
Phil Bartlett, Petra Hellwig, Elisabeth Lojou, Edmond Magner, Frieder Scheller, Wolfgang Schuhmann , Fred Lisdat

b) Galvani Prize Committee
Stephane Arbault, Wlodzimierz Kutner, Elisabeth Lojou, Shelley Minteer, Francesco Ricci, Marie-Pierre Rols, Fred Lisdat

c) Young Researcher Prize Committee
Renata Bilewicz, Cecilia Christea, Karolien DeWael, Christophe Leger, Nicolas Plumere, Pankaj Vadgama, Fred Lisdat

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